Six bloggers, six Secret Steve Madden locations. Our dutch blogger had her suprise citytrip in Cannes. A perfect city for everyone who loves glamour and an overdose of sunshine. Stepsha tells you what her ultimate hotspots are and gives us an outfit recap of this exciting trip.

Stepsha: "My boyfriend Sam and I went to Cannes from the 4th till the 6th of October. We rented a scooter to make the most out of our French days. It was both our first time in Cannes and we both loved it! On the first day we started with a walk along the boardwalk La Croisette. Lots of palm trees, big fancy hotels and a beautiful view across the sea. Afterwards we had breakfast at a cafe in the middle of the center, called L'Epicurieux. Good prices and good food. Once we were done eating, we visited the old town and enjoyed a beautiful view over the city.


Beach clubs & candle light dinners

A little later, it was time to put on some beachwear and have lunch at L'Alba. This beach club is located at the beach and has a real French Riviera vibe. To end the day we enjoyed a lovely candle light dinner at L'Eponyme - cozy, romantic and delicious.

The next day we started with a walk along the harbor. I wore thigh high boots which I received lots of compliments about. The best thing is, they were comfortable as well! It was a cloudy day so we decided not to visit the beach but take a stroll through the city.


Macarons & shopping sprees

We definitely had a quick stop at Laduree and I definitely bought some macarons. I ate them right away! Yummy. The shopping streets at the boardwalk are filled with designer stores and the street parallel to the boulevard are filled with high street shops. So there's something for everyone :)

While we were looking for a nice lunch spot, we came across Da Laura. A very small, local cafe packed with a lot of people. We sat down at a table, ordered the day menu which was the best food we had. A must visit for sure! After that we had to pack our bags and leave to the airport.

Thank you Steve Madden for the amazing trip to Cannes!




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