Fall/Winter trend 2017: Lush Velvets

All velvet everything. Turn any page in a fashion magazine an it's there. Open your Instagram feed and there it is again: velvet. We definitely can't deny the power of this luxurious material any longer. And we must admit, we fell for the soft material hard. The booming material is definitely still one of the must have materials of this season. You need to have a velvet piece in your Fall wardrobe, right? 

Sport your velvets


We're definitely buzzing about the suprising combo of sneakers with luxe velvet uppers.The glamorous allure of the velvet material mixed with the sporty vibes of rubber soles and a sneaker silhouette. Sure a picture perfect example of a match made in (fashion) heaven. Our BERTIE-V's have everything you're looking for in a everyday sneaker. It's sporty enough to match your casual ensembles, but dressy enough to look great under your casual party wear. 

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Velvet in the mix

Are you planning on making your outfits stand out this Fall? Then you should definitely think of a pair of fluffy velvet slip ons. What better way than mixing up luxury materials in your casual looks by pairing them with a cool, fun trend like fake fur and pom poms? Our BREEZE-V slip ons show you how to stylishly bring fun into your Fall looks. We're hooked, what about you?

Spicy Velvets


Photo: Sneakylouise

No doubt that velvet really is a sexy, feminine material as well. So we couldn't think of a more feminine and classy match than velvet and high heel booties. Our velvet ankle booties look great under your favourite dress, but will definitely spice up your jeans looks to the max as well. Whether you're goinf or a retro velvet bootie, a casual velvet bootie or velvet platform booties, you're in for a real fasion treat. 

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Class-up Velvet


And yes, of course heels and velvet are amazing together as well. A perfect glam couple, classy to the fullest and always there to class-up your occasional wear and work suits. Keep it classy with our velvet pumps, in soft blushing shades, or make your outfits a little bit more exciting by adding a pair of velvet dress sandals. Whether you're going all girly with pink velvet sandals or spice things up with black velvet high heel sandals with a golden heel, velvet is going to make yout outfit a success.

Velvet style class

Why velvet?

Velvet is undoubtly one of the most luxurious materials available, so it is the most easy way to bring any outfit to a higher, more classy level. And what about the extremely feminine vibe that comes together with the fabric? No wonder that an increasing amount of celebrities are adding this material to their evening looks!

Velvet is way easier to combine than you would think. Truth is: the trend doesn't need a whole lot more. Therefore it is the perfect trend for over the top fashionistas as well as for the more minimalistic girls.

For the dare devils

An absolute must for this season if you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd: the velvet suit. Make a statement in mysterious burgundy, fallish green or magical blue.  Wear it with classy strap sandals or opt for a loafer. Want to dress down that luxury vibe and give the look some extra edge? Wear a leopard print blouse or shirt underneath your velvet jacket



For the minimalista's 

Is all the way velvet not really your cup of tea? Then get some heads turning with velvet in a more subtile way. You could of course go for a velvet top. For that bit of hipstervibe, add a turtle neck. Going on a date or a huge fan of a romantic touch? Choose a velvet ruffle top.


Photo: Mia Mia Mine

The best way to add velvet to your everyday look? Go for some stunning velvet ankle boots or slip ons this pretty fabric. A black skinny jeans and an oversize white blouse is all you need to make some heads turn!

Are you ready to mix some velvet items into your Fall looks? We'll definitely hooked on the luxury vibe this soft, glamorous material brings to our outfits. Pick your favourite velvet item from Steve Madden and make heads turn! 


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