Spring/Summer trend 2017: PRETTY PASTELS

Sweet, sweet pastels. We feel like we're literally in a candy-shoe-shop with all these pretty sweet colours! Soft colours are forming this season's color palette and we're obsessed! Picture this: a cool mom jeans, flowy top, embroidered jacket and your favourite pastel coloured shoes. Sounds like a spring outfit of your dreams, right? Continue to read and see what pastel shoes we have in store for you! 



Pink is definitely the most wanted pastel colour this season. Our shoes come in different shades of pink, from blush to dusty pink and baby pink. Which shade of pink you may choose, you can't go wrong this spring! Our collection consists of a lot of pink shoes; pink sneakers, pink heels and pink sandals. So whatever your pink heart desires, we'll have the right shoes in pink for you! We're definitely not only wearing pink on Wednesday. What about you?! 

Pink pumps

Are you owning a pair of light pink or nude pumps yet? A absolute must for every women's closet is a pair of blush or nude heels. Perfect to match with your office looks, but also great under your favourite spring outfit. Nude pumps make your legs look longer, a luxury we definitely want to add to our lives. Whether you're going for a pair of pink stilettos, nude pumps with a low heel or light pink heels, we're sure we'll have the perfect fit for you! 


Pink dress sandals

Pink is an absolute great colour for spring and summer! With a pair of light pink lace-ups or pink dress sandals you'll give every spring or summer outfit a girly romantic touch. Our IRENEE sandals for example are perfect to wear during a summer day date, spring shopping trip or lunch date. Our light pink SHAY sandals are perfect for a night out and really come in the cutest colour pink available. If you're a big fan of the cool dusty pink colour, you should definitely take a look at our CARRSON-V en ADELLE1 in pink. 

Pink sneakers

Whoever said sneaker girls are only though girls couldn't be more wrong. To prove this, we gave our all-time-favourite sneakers BERTIE a cute luxurious make-over. The result, BERTIE-V and BERTIE-S are sweet coloured sneakers. The luxury vibe of the velvet and satin in combination with the sweet pastel colours really is the perfect match! Our slip ons GOALS in satin and GILLS in suede are both super cute sneakers and wearable with every outfit. Wear our pastel sneakers and pastel slip ons with a cool jeans, oversized top and you're ready to hit the streets!



Anything but cold as ice are our light blue shoes! This pretty soft colour really stole our hearts this season! With just the right amount of warmth this colour is both cute and cool. We love our ice blue shoes in combination with a great pair of jeans or light coloured summer dress. Are you in for some icy cuteness this spring? 

Light blue pumps

Looking for  pair of pumps that stands out? Look no furthur, light blue heels are the right pair for you! The baby blue pumps or ice blue pumps are everything you need to create a cute but cool look. As mentioned before this colour is the perfect mix of both cool icy tones as cute pastel colours. A combination we can't get enough of! Our low heeled CORMAC pump will do great in the office, while our graphite CARRSON's and metallic blue STECY's wil llook perfect under a dress. 

Light blue sandals

 Besides blue heels we ofcourse have light blue dress sandals and light blue flat sandals as well. Cute summer sandals are perfect for completing your summer and spring ensembles! Seaking a little glamour in your spring looks? Than you should definitely go for our metallic blue shoes or blue shoes with sequins. Are you looking for a way to make your spring outfits a little bit more office appropriate? Pairing your casual look with velvet pastel sandals or suede pastel dress sandals will sure give your outfit a classy upgrade! Have you seen our ADELLE1, CARRSON or IRENEE sandals yet? These styles can be perfect to wear to work!


Light blue sneakers

Our blue sneakers and light blue slip ons are both comfy and stylish. Exactly the combo you're looking for in shoes for Spring! KNOTTY is our striking slip on this spring and is also available in the cute colour light blue! Our blue flats, or blue ballerina, LOLY comes in this pretty blue colour as well. So whether you're going for a classy casual style with flats or a cool sporty look with satin slip ons, velvet sneakers or suede slip ons or sneakers, with the perfect shade of blue you'll fall in love with our cuties! 



Ofcourse we couldn't pass on the cool icy grey shoes! This colour makes us wonder what it exactly is time after time. Is it grey? Is it lilac? Or is it blue? Whatever you call this pretty colour, we're hooked! Especially in satin or velvet this colour looks great on shoes! Wear your velvet grey shoes or pastel satin shoes with a cool casual dress or rocky jeans outfit and you nailed the perfect spring look. Wat kind of pastel grey shoes are you adding to your collection?

Soft grey pumps

Our light grey pumps, tan pumps and camel pumps are perfect examples of neutral pumps which will match all of your outfits! Are you looking for neutral coloured heels? Than this season you should definitely take a look at these pastel shades! The greyish neutral colours are a perfect fit for everyone who loves to dress in light colours as white, nude, light pink and soft grey. 

Soft grey sandals

Soft grey sandals, nude sandals and over all light coloured sandals are a huge hit this season! The neutral coloured dress sandals are super classy and perfect for both date nights as the office. Style your soft coloured sandals with a flowy dress or figure hugging jeans outfit and you will look absolutely classy and sexy. The IRENEE sandals with a low heel are perfect for your casual spring days and the flat summer sandals in tan, KAPRI and DONDDI are your perfect every day sandals for sure! 


Soft grey sneakers

Of course our good old sneakers couldn't be left behind. Dipped in pretty soft grey and ash tones, our sneakers are totally ready for Spring and Summer! Wear your light grey sneakers or stone slip ons with cool ripped jeans or shorts and take them to the park, a summer festival or sunny lunch date! 


We're totally voting for pretty pastel shoes this Spring! What about you? Are you going to be on our side with this one? Pick your favourite pastel shoes in velvet, satin or suede and we promise you you want to wear them every day this Spring!