Are you attending a wedding? Great! We're real suckers for romance, so we can't say no to a wedding invitation! This means we take dressing for a wedding very seriously. So make sure you're keeping it classy and elegant whent it comes to your wedding guest looks. But how do you make sure you dress appropiate for a wedding? We're here to help you with that! So continue reading and pick up a few wedding style lessons! 

Wedding guest looks

First things first. Finding the right shoes for a wedding starts with the right outfit. Of course, if you fall in love with a pair of shoes instantly, you could build your outfit around them. But how do you dress appropriately for a wedding? Fist of all, make sure if the bride and groom are sticking to a theme. If they did choose a theme, make sure your outfits stays within this theme. Of course there is no need to go all the way. For example if the bride and groom-to-be picked a colour theme for their wedding, you can find a whole dress in that colour, but you can also choose to use the colour in a more subtle way,  in your accessories, purse or shoes. So there still is room for creativity when attending a theme wedding.

Wedding guests dresses


The first look that comes to mind while discussing wedding guests looks are dresses. Wearing a dress to a wedding is always a great option. Well, mostly, since there are always exceptions. That being said: we we totally don't recommend wearing a dress that's too short or tight, or shows too much skin. The trick to dressing for a wedding is to keep it classy and elegant. 

So go with a mid-length dress, or playfull A-line dress if you want to wear a short dress. Make sure the dress closes high enough and that it fits you well. If you'd rather go with a maxi dress or skirt, make sure that they aren't too summery. Except for when it's a beach wedding of course ;). 

Wedding guests jumpsuits and co-ordinates


Are you not the type to wear a dress? No problem, there are some great other options too for wedding attire that don't require a dress or skirt. A classy jumpsuit can be supper pretty as well to wear to weddings. A cool co-ordinate with a pretty jacket and classy shorts or pants are great as well. Definitely if you're pairing this with a stunning blouse or silk top. 
So why don't mix it up and wear something different than a dress to a wedding? 

Nowadays we're seeing a lot of cool theme weddings. Our favourite summer weddings are beach weddings, festival themed weddings or the good old traditional outside wedding, or garden wedding. These themed weddings all come with a specific dress code. Of course you want to honour the wishes of the bride and groom, so make sure you dress appropriately to the theme. And we're here to offer you a helping hand! 

Check out the best way to dress to a theme wedding. We categorized a few wedding themes and styles to go with that. Here you go!

Boho Wedding


Are you invited to a boho chic wedding? Lucky you! We love the relaxed, peaceful vibe a bohemian themed wedding has. At a boho-chic wedding there aren't many rules, just to have fun and feel the love and relaxing vibe. But make no mistake! People take dressing for a boho wedding very seriously! And you sure don't want to be the only one who didn't put effort in their looks.

Dressing for a bohemian wedding


To a bohemian wedding everything that includes lace, beading, etnic patterns and flowy materials is appropriate. Oh and one thing is very important: white is appropriate for a boho-chic wedding! For example try to wear a flowy dress with bell sleeves, or a playsuit of breezy material.  Since white really is the colour for lace dresses, and of course because this colour screams summer and peace. 

Shoes for a bohemian wedding

Okay, so you picked your outfit to wear to a boho themed wedding. Time to find the right shoes to go with that Ibiza outfit! As mentioned before everything with beading, fringes, etnic prints and other embellishments are a total go, so time to start that shoe party! We strongly advise to wear a pair of flat sandals, espadrilles or mules, since bohemian themed weddings usually take place at, or near the beach. Besides that the key to a boho wedding is comfort and let's be honest flats are always more comfortable than heels. So go with a pair of mules with embroidery, espadrilles with sequins or flat sandals wit beaded details, printed sandals or sandals with rhine stones and you find the perfect look for an Ibiza themed wedding. 

City Hall Wedding


Attending a traditional city hall wedding? Time to bring in those classic romantic looks! And to be serious for a moment, how great is that? We have a soft spot for romance and what is more romantic than a traditional big wedding? The ultimate style rule for attending traditional weddings is to keep it classy, simple and elegant. And we advise you to don't wear white. This could be a big deal to the bride and you don't want to upset her on her big day, right?

Dressing for a traditoinal wedding


So, we made clear that the goal is to keep it simple when dressing for a traditional city hall wedding. So play it safe; go with an appropriate skirt lenght, such as a classy pencil skirt, midi skirt or midi dress and don't show to much skin or cleavage. We're really loving a traditonal cut dress for a city hall wedding, so go with a cute A-line dress or shift dress. If you're going with a skirt, choose a pencil skirt or plissé skirt en pair it with a chic flowy top. And what colours should you wear as a guest to a traditional wedding? Well, let's say that every colour that stays within the romantic theme is appropriate. So think light pink, light blue, grey, nude, mint. Basically all soft tones are allright. Besides that colours as navy and marine blue are also great options. 

Shoes for a traditional wedding

And what shoes are you're wearing to a traditional wedding as a guest? Here the key is also to keep it simple and classy. So choose to wear a pair of classic pumps, elegant high heel sandals, pretty flats or mid high heels. On top of our lists still are the nude coloured pumps, nude high heel sandals, or black pumps. But of course you can spice up your wedding guest outfit by wearing coloured high heels. A pair of blush heels, silver heels or metallic heels can make your outfit a bit more exciting. 

Are you affraid your feet won't survive a whole day of walking in heels? No problem, chic flats such as ballerinas or mid high heels are great alternatives for that. Or you can bring them as a spare pair, to alternate your heels with. 

Modern-Chic Wedding


To a modern-chic wedding you can basically wear anything your fashion heart desires. But of course keep in mind that you're attending someone else's wedding. So don't go all out on your outfit if you're affraid you're going to steal the spotlight from the bride with that. So keep it classy, also when you're attending a modern wedding. 

Dressing for a modern-chic wedding


Don't be affraid to put some of the latest trends in your outfit when it comes to dressing for a modern wedding. So if you want to go with a skirt lenght that totally is on-trend; go for it. If you want to wear bell sleeves since they are this summer's big thing; why not? So play with different patterns, colours and materials, but always make sure that the overall outfit isn't too much out there or not that classy.

Shoes for a modern-chic wedding

But which shoes should you wear to a modern-chic wedding? Well this one is pretty simple again: anything  you feel like! But then again, don't overdo it. So wear a pair of trendy mules, transparant heels, metallic heels or printed shoes to match your wedding outfit. We advise you to make choises here; if you're outfit is already pretty out there, go with a pair of classic modest shoes. If you're outfit could use a fashion upgrade, go with the most trendy heels you will find ;). 


So, we think we made clear that dressing for a wedding doesn't have to be hard. The one thing you need to keep in mind is; is my outfit appropriate for a wedding, so is it classy enough and does my outfit match the theme? If you stick to those rules, you can't go wrong. So go with a pair of shoes for a wedding that is appropriate, but also a little festive. After all a wedding is a party, so no occasion to wear the wrong shoes!