Did he pop the question? Congrats!! Now the fun, and stress, begins.. We're here to help you with one of ht most important things when it comes to your wedding.. Finding the right shoes! Wedding shoes can complete your wedding look. But don't forget  to be comfortable as well on your big day! So finding the right balance between looking gorgeous and being comfortable is the trick! We got you covered! We present you the best wedding shoes. Enjoy!

The perfect wedding shoes

So, you said "I do" and you're getting married! Best. News. Ever! Now everthing, you've been secretly dreaming off since you were a little girl, begins. Time to plan this wedding! Of course we won't get into all the details such as the table setting, the search for the perfect wedding venue and making up a guest list. No, we're here to talk about wedding fashion. Even more specific, wedding shoes!

Picking out your wedding dress is a big mile stone itself. We're pretty sure every bride to be puts a lot of time and effort in picking the perfect wedding dress.  So once you found your dress, you want to complete your wedding look in a similar perfect way. After you decided on getting a veil or not, if you should wear a tiara and considerate all other accessories; it is time to look for the right wedding shoes!  

Wedding heels

Of course you're going to wear heels on your wedding day. There is no excuse for not wearing heels on your special day, except if you're having a beach wedding or themed wedding. But what should you look for in wedding heels? 
First of all, make sure you decided on the heel height. A few things to take in mind when deciding on this: 
1. Are you tall? Then you should definitely want to make sure that you aren't taller than your husband-to-be.
2. How great are you in walking in heels? If you are a real pro, you can go all the way. But if you more the casual type and aren't experienced with walking in heels, it's better to keep it a little safe. Of course you can practice walking in heels, but you also want to be comfortable at your own wedding. If this is the case, try on a pair of platform heels or pumps with a thick heel. These will make you walk a little bit more stable, and make you more comfortable.

So, you decided on the type of heels you want to wear on your wedding day. Great! Time to decide on the colour, material and look of the heels. Try to keep in mind if your shoes will be super visible. If yes, you need to make sure your wedding shoes match your wedding dress and theme perfectly. If not, then we suggest you to go with a pair of simple, classic wedding heels were you feel the most comfortable with.

Metallic wedding shoes

If your wedding shoes are visible you should go with a pair of heels that stand out, and of course match your wedding dress. So why not go for a pair of metallic wedding heels, wedding shoes with rhinestones or wedding shoes with glitters? At Steve Madden you will find the perfect wedding shoes! We got the best metallic high heel sandals, high heel sandals with glitters, high heel sandals with rhinestones and satin wedding shoes to match your dress! 

Pastel wedding shoes

Pastel wedding heels are also a great option! Soft pink heels, lilac heels, soft blue heels or light grey heels are all very appropiate colours for wedding shoes. They bring a soft romantic look to your outfit, exactly what we're looking for when it comes to our total wedding look, right? So take a look at the pastel pumps, soft pink high heel sandals, and pastel coloured heels of Steve Madden! 

Wedding pumps

Aren't your wedding shoes really visible all the time? Then we suggest you to go with a pair of comfortable wedding heels. Nude coloured pumps, or white pumps, are perfect wedding shoes. If you're going with a pair of pumps with a thick heel, or wedding shoes with a low heel, you'll be really comfy as well. A pair of suede pumps are really classy, so we advise you to go with that style. 

Spare pair of wedding shoes

We're not hear to tell you that you can last in our heels all day and night long if you're not used to wearing heels. So, better be safe than sorry! Always make sure you have a pair of spare wedding shoes on you on your big day. So if you feel like dancing all night long, but your feet won't allow you to, exchange them for flats! We mean, after all, it is your day, so you decide on what to do and wear! 

Wedding sandals

So pick out a pair of flat sandals to alternate your wedding heels with. Of course you'll make sure these aren't just plain, regular sandals. But if you pick a pair of bedazzled flat sandals, metallic sandals, flat sandals with rhinestones for a wedding, you'll still look pretty and festive without wearing heels. 

Always keep in mind that wedding shoes will complete your wedding look. So decide well on what your wishes and needs are in wedding shoes. Of course the main goal is to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but don't forget that it's also about having fun! So make sure you find the right balance between looking gorgeous and feeling comfortable! And don't forget to enjoy your big day!