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  • Stecy-S Sandal Pewter
  • King-P Mule Floral
  • Dalis-C Mule Rose
  • Dina Flat Sandal Rose Gold

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About Steve Madden

Famous designer Steve Madden started his iconic brand in 1990. Nothing fancy, he was selling the shoes from the back of his car and only made a small investment of 1100 dollar. Steve’s goal: to revolutionize the shoe industry with iconic and creative designs. Who would have thought it would be such a big success? Nowadays, Steve Madden has millions of customers worldwide. No matter how different they are, they all have one thing in common: their endless love for unique shoes.

Inspired by the streets

The Steve Madden brand is inspired by the streets. Steve always says: “The pavements are my runway.” New York is therefore the perfect home base. Here Steve gets constantly inspired by new trends, rock and roll vibes and a large dose of urban touches. Our brand is all about being unique and confident. We embrace individuality with daring styles, jaw dropping heels, but always that sassy, sexy touch.