We're taking it back to the era of boy bands, the Spice Girls, all-denim looks, dungarees, mini skirts and platform shoes. That's right, the '90s. The nineties secretly created some important fashion trends. And to be honest, for a long time we didn't  think it was possible for one of those trends to become popular again. But boy, were we wrong. Turns out the grungy '90s look is making a huge comeback a long with chunky platform shoes and track pants. Still having mixed feeling about the revival of nineties fashion trends? Continue reading, 'cause we got some fashion treasures waiting for you! 

Steve Madden's Slinky


One of the most iconic '90s shoe is Steve Madden's SLINKY. The chunky slides with a stretch upper and platform sole was a must have to every '90s girl's closet and we're super hyped to see this classic back again! Back then, the Slinky slides were made popular by iconic nineties celebrities like the Spice Girls, the cast of Friends and Britney Spears. So naturually every girl needed this item in her closet. 

Any '90s girl will have vivid memories of shambling around in a pair of, suprisingly comfortable, chunky slides. And now it's your chance to relive these magical moments! The SLINKY is back in all of it's original glory. Only a few upgrades have been made - the edges have been rounded and the heel is slightly flatter. No worries, the '90s shoe still has that super comfy stretch upper and it still makes that signature smacking sound as you walk in them.

We could literally wear these platform slides all summer long. Not only since we're so excited one of our '90s fashion favourites are back, but you can wear them with (almost) every outfit you're planning on wearing this summer. Once again, we managed to make the SLINKY a crucial fashion statement and the ultimate must have to your wardrobe!

Enough reasons to get your hands on these classic nineties shoes, right? Go get yourself a pair of Slinky platform slides here! 

All denim everything


Remember the double denim outfits Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears 'pulled off'? Well, think twice before making this look ridiculous since denim is back baby! We already spotted a lot of denim jackets, and of course jeans will always be our favourite bottoms, but denim is on fire now. Denim-on-denim, denim skirts, denim overalls. You name it, fashion made it hot again. And if the revival of the total looks of Brit and Justin isn't denim enough for you, why not add a pair of denim shoes? 

Shoes made out of denim are the next thing we will notice influence of the '90's. If you ask us this jeans shoe trend might work. By adding a pair of denim ankle boots or overknees made of jeans you'll create a striking yet casual look. No need to tell you that the rest of your outfit better be simple and clean. You don't want to overdo this trend.. Steve Madden denim boots are great for making a fashion statement without losing your laid-back comfy look.

Back on track


Ah, remember the days when you can walk around in a tracksuit without looking like the embodiment of a hang over? Well great news for all of our comfy-craving chicks. The track suits and track pants are back at it again! We all know that when Rihanna wore something it's going to be huge. Well, same thing goes for the buttoned-up track pants. And who knows, maybe you can dust off your Juicy Couture track suit again, 'cause we're only a few seconds away before this trend to become popular again. 

So we know that comfort wear is big again, but what kind of shoes do you wear with a track pants? Good question and of course we have the answer to that! Sure, you can play it clean and simple by pairing your fashionable track pants with a pair of sneakers, but why not shake things up a little bit? 
Wear your sweat pants with fashionable high heel booties or pumps and you gave a whole other look to your sporty pants. is this still not enough for you? Then you should go all the way like Rihanna did and pair your buttoned track pants with a pair of thigh-high boots or overknees. If you want to do this right, you should always wear stiletto heeled boots with this outfit. 

Are you ready to get your life back on track (pants) again?

Platform fever


Platform shoes and flatform sneakers already are huge, but did you know this trends also came from the nineties? Well of course you did if you're a true '90s girl and the Spice Girls were your ultimate role models. We all have vivid memories of performing to a Spice Girls hit while wearing body tight dresses, platform sneakers and pony tails. 

If you're a casual fashion girl, then you should definitely own a pair of flatform sneakers. Weather you're going for a pair with a velvet upper, metallic upper, canvas upper or leather the platform sole makes the sneaker stand out! Are you a big fan of this casual trend, like we are, why not look for a pair of platform slip-ons or platform espadrilles as well? Steve Madden's slip-ons and espadrilles are right on trend and super comfy. 

Platform booties and boots with a platform are both huge as well. We love how ankle boots with a platform give us centimeters extra while we're staying comfortable and maintain a steady walk. So whether you're looking for a pair of platform Chelsea boots with elastic gussets, platform biker books, platform combat boots or high heel booties with a platform sole, Steve Madden has the right pair for you! 

Go sky-high with a pair of over-the-knee boots with a platform and create super sexy looks. Our suede overknees with a platform sole are perfect for creating daring evening looks, or wear them as a classy fashion statement to the office. Want to step your platform fashion game up? Then leather overknee boots are it for you! 

'90s super model chic


The nineties are also the era of 'The Big Six' super models! Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington and Tyra Banks ware not only known for their looks, but also their fashion sense. 

Kate Moss was, and still is, a true fashion icon when it comes to grunge dressing. The endless printed rock tee's, jeans and daring slip dresses. Although Kate's style can be described as boyish, she remained to look elegant and feminine. The trick for creating ensembles were cool boyish aspects meets elegant feminine vibes? Pair your casual looks with a pair of statement heels. Our classic high heel sandals are perfect to match with a cool slip dress or jeans outfits. 

Naomi, Tyra and Claudia always looked super glamorous and feminine. With pretty dresses, (fake) fur coats and long wavy hair the super models were every men's dream. Recreate these looks? Style your evening and occasional ensembles with a pair of metallic heels, statement overknee boots or glitter heels and you're good to go.

Colour me blind


Of course we can't forget about statement colours! We're the grunge looks consist of a lot of blacks, the colour trend of the '90s is creating a bright contrast to that! So invest in those bright coloured sneakers, neon heels and cool coloured boots. Another cool trend we spotted are shoes with multiple coloured soles. The sneakers with striped soles are a super fun way to make a bold fashion statement. 

Why go with a pair of brown, grey or black boots if you can choose coloured boots? Our favourite boots for fall are burgundy overknees, purple suede boots or fuchsia boots. Perfect for brighting up an all-black outfit, right? Are coloured over-the-knee boots a little bit too much for you? Then our coloured ankle boots, slip-ons or loafers are the thing for you. 

Plastic fantastic


Plastic fantastic! We're absolutely loving this shiny grunge trend. The patent material give the ankle boots and boots a cool, sexy statement look. Pair your lace-up patent booties with cool jeans, an oversized tee and you got the grunge trend just right. For the real fashion dare devils there are red patent shoes and white patent shoes. We don't have to tell you that red shoes and white shoes are awesome. Paring these trend colours with patent materials is just too good to be true! 

Fluffy feelings


The nineties also had a totally girly side to it. Just think of Baby spice, with her childish ponytails, fluffy scrunchies and figure hugging dresses. So why not take this girly trend to shoes as well? We already showed that fluffy shoe elements are a huge trend and we didn't stop. Our satin slip-ons with fake-fur details are the ultimate girly shoes, while our high heel sandals with fake fur are super sexy. Emma and Cher from Clueless would die for these shoes, wouldn't they? 


So we really changed our take on the nineties fashion trends. We can't wait to wear our flatform sneakers, patent shoes and total denim looks. Go pick your favourite nineties inspired shoe trend here! You're loving this throwback too, right?