This spring, we're looking at life through colored glasses. Are you craving a neon splash, sweet pastels or romantic rose tones? Whatever colour palette you're into this spring, we 're here to hook you up with the best must haves in a spectrum of colours. Curious of what colours we have to offer you this spring? Continue to read and find out everything there is to know about our so cool mono-tone trend! 

Neon Splash


This spring, we're more than ready to make a big statement in a very colourful way. We barely can keep ourselves from dipping everything in neon this spring. We're dreaming of coloured heels and dying for bright coloured trainers. We can't think of a better way to make a fashion statement than with a pair of neon pumps. And let's be honest, who doesn't get cheered up by the look of bright coloured heels and multi coloured sandals?

One of our absolute neon favourites is the neon yellow and pink high heel sandal CARRSON. These statement heels will instantly cheer up every outfit and will definitely create statement looks. Besides that the neon yellow pump and hot pink pump  DAISIE are perfect to finish your party looks. 

We're definitely all about the neon this season. What about you? 

Pastel Coloured Shoes For Spring


Want to make a colour statement in a more subtle, sweet way? Then you should definitely take a look at our pastel shoes. From lavender pumps to mintgreen sneakers and pink sandals, our pastel colour range has all the colours to offer you could think of. Our pastel sneakers are definitely one of our favorites and we really can't choose between the light yellow LANCER, the mintgreen one or the lila sneaker.

Looking for a cute pair of pastel heels? We do have some great heeled pastel options as well! The lavender pump and light blue pump DAISIE really is one of our eye-catchers for this season. And what do you think about our TEASER? A high heel sandal in sweet colours with a lucid heel. 

We really can't decide on which pastel colour shoe trend we love the most! Have you made up your mind yet? 

Romantic Rose Styles


Think pink! The most girly colour in the universe is strongly represented in our spring collection. From sweet blush to neon pink, we can't stop loving the feminine, romantic vibe of this trend colour. 

Stand out from the crowd with our neon pink high heel sandal CARRSON and the hot pink DAISIE pump. Bring a real spring vibe to your looks with our coral sandal TEASER, or create romantic feminine looks with our blush pumps DIVA, DESIRE, FRIDAY and VERTIGO and give your outfits a romantic, retro touch with the blush mule DALIS-C and platform sandal REBA

On of our new silhouettes, the RACHEL, comes in the most gorgeous dark blush. The pink flatform sandal will create the perfect laidback, casual vibe we're all looking for in our spring outfits. 

The colour pink turns out to be a great companion of embellishment and prints as well, as we noticed in our embroidered platform sandal JODI, statement bootie with a floral pattern GOLDIE and floral sneaker BRODY


We're definitely choosing color this spring! Are your dreaming about colored heels, pastel sneakers and romantic pink styles as well? Choose your favorite shoe colour and start creating statement fresh spring looks!