The chunky sneaker trend is here to stay. And we are way ahead of the game! To get you off to a good start we will take you through the best and hottest new sneaker trends for 2019. So are you a trendsetter, or follower?


Did you think sneakers can’t get any better? Think again! For this season we are going all out! Crystals, metallics and iridescent accents will bring your sneaker game to a whole other level. So call out to your inner influencer and get your hands on the limited pairs available.

ANIMAL MIX sneaker trend

Rrrroarrr for 2019 all animal prints are allowed, and even more on trend to get panther, snake and zebra all in the mix! If you take a look at our CLIFF and ZELA combinations, we’re sure you will be blown away.


Spice up your life! Platform sneakers are back and here to stay. Go back to the 90s with our GIRLA in black or white. Or discover new heights with the MORRA.

ATHLETIC sneaker trends

With clean lines and sportive details this new trend is giving you sportive vibes without breaking a sweat! The colour use is very basic and plays into the minimalistic fashiontrend. Of course we made our own versions to give you that little bit extra, because we’re Steve Madden and we can’t get enough of statement sneakers.

Pick your trend and rock the streets! 

  • Cliff Sneaker white / black
  • Fontina Sneaker WHITE MULTI
  • Match Sneaker BLACK
  • Bronte Sneaker WHITE MULTI
  • Cliff Sneaker BLACK MULTI
  • Pandora-L Sneaker LEOPARD MULTI
  • Fay Sneaker WHITE MULTI
  • Karter Sneaker ANIMAL MULTI
  • Carissa Sneaker BLACK MULTI