New in: Steve Madden Sunglasses! Just in time for the first sun rays and the perfect accessorie to all your spring and summer looks! From classic aviator, retro cat-eye and stunning statement sunny's, there is always a pair of Steve Madden sunglasses available to give your looks a finishing touch. Want to find your tinted-glass match made in heaven? Go check out our styling tips now!

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It's pretty important to go with a pair of sunglasses that matches the shape of your face. We would love to give you a hand and help you pick the right sunglasses frame for you. 

Which sunglasses match your face shape?

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Heart Face Shape

So lovely: you've got a heart-shaped face. This usually means that you've got a broader brow and a narrow chin. You can draw attention downward or elognate your look to even out proportions with the right pair of frames. 

We recommend light-colored frames, frames with thin temples, or frames with exaggerated bottoms for heart shapers. 

Oblong Face Shape

The longer, the better - you've got a long-shaped face. That means you have a narrow chin and cheeks. Go with a frame shape that breaks length like a cat eye frame or an oversized curved frame. 

Sunglass type: Cat-eye or other round, or curved frame

Oval Face Shape

You're a very luck lady: you've got an ovel-shaped face. That means you can pull of just about any look when it comes to sunglasses.

Rectangle frames are a good choice for their horizontal orientation to balance an oval face's vertical. Upswept styles are good for complimenting high cheekbones. 

Round Face Shape

Yay - your face shape is round. This means that the length and width of your face is just about the same and your face is at it's most widely at the height of your cheeks. Go with a rectangled frame or square frame to make your face seem less round and longer. 

We recommend rectangled sunglasses for you like a Wayfarer or an other rectangled, or square frame. 

Square Face Shape

Good news - your face shape is square. Your bold features make you a natural stunner. Features like a prominent forehead and a strong jawline characterize your distinctive look. This makes you a great candidate for some different sunglass shapes.

Try the curvier frames like round, cat eye, oval, butterfly and semi-rimless to accentuate your eyes and softly balance a striking jawline. 

Now you know for what frame to look for, it's time to choose between our sunglasses options! Pick your favourite Steve Madden sunglasses frame, from aviator to cat-eye, our perfect shades will help you through spring and summer.

Steve Madden Aviator Sunglasses


The aviator. Emerged in WWI as necessary equipment for pilots, and developed to become an iconic sunglasses style. If there's one thing we can count on in this life, it's aviator sunglasses. We're pretty sure that any shape of face can pull this model off. The pilot sunglasses will never go out of style and we can't think of an item that deserves it more to be a must-have in your wardrobe. Period. 

Whether you're going for the real classic aviator sunglasses in silver or gold, with black or brown glasses, or choose coloured glasses or an on trend rose gold aviator, there isn't a look you can't complete with aviators. 

Go buy your favourite Steve Madden aviator here.

Steve Madden Cat-Eye Sunglasses

In celebration of the glorious fifties, the cat eye sunglasses found their ways into our spring 2018 collection. And in our hearts. The elegant upsweep at the outer edges give us a glamorous dramatic touch, we need in our lives now and then. Wear your favourite cateye sunglasses with a flowy maxi dress, or pastel suit to underline the dramatic touch of this frame. 

Steve Madden Statement Sunglasses


Besides the aviator and cat-eye sunglasses we have some other classic frames avalable. From big sunglasses like Jackie O' to sunglasses with rhinestones and glasses in statement colours. More the wayfarer type? No worries, we'll hook you up. 


And guess what? They are exclusively available at our European onine shop! So don't miss out and buy your favourite Steve Madden Sunglasses  now!