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Our ultimate nineties favourites are back!
We didn't expect it was possible for one more trend
from the era of boy bands and denim skirts to become popular again,
but the iconic platform slide, SLINKY,
is here to prove us wrong! 

'90s must have

Any '90s girl will have vivid memories
of shambling around in a pair of suprisingly comfy,
chunky platform slides. Back then a must have
to any gir'ls' wardrobe, made popular by iconic
'90s celebrities like the cast of Friends,
the Spice Girls and Britney Spears

Back in all of it's glory

The SLINKY sandal is back in all of its original glory.
Some upgrades have been made -
the edges have been rounded and 
the heel is a bit flatter.
The shoe still has tat super comfy stretch upper,
and it still makes that signature smacking sound
as you walk in them. 

Get your hands on these iconic slides! 

Now is your chance to get your hands on
these classic nineties shoes!
Wear them with every outfit you have in mind
for the summer and obtain cool retro looks!
We promise you won't regret spending your summer
in these suprsisingly comfy
signature platform slides!