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Looking for the ultimate Summer musthaves when it comes to shoes? We'll hook you up! Whether you're in for a sexy Summer full of heels, a casual one with basically flat sandals, espadrilles and sneakers or you want the best of both worlds! Excited to find out the latest shoe trends for the Summer of 2017? Continue reading! Warning: be prepared to want them all!

Summer sneakers and special slip ons


If there's one shoe we can't get enough off these couple of years it's the sneaker! And of course during Summer times these casual babies are still going strong! Coming in different shapes, heights, colours and fabrics we can't be bored with sneakers! Our favourite Summer sneakers for 2017 are slip ons. You'll slip right into these casual comfy sneakers and they look great with every type of outfit! This Summer you can go the casual way and shoes a pair of simplistic, clean suede slip ons, or you can take your slip-on game to the next level. We're going to see a lot of embellished slip-ons, slip ons made of fancy luxurious fabrics and printed slip-ons. 


If you're a real cool girl you should definitely buy a pair of slip-ons with studded details. With studded slip ons you can give every Summer outfit a rock-chic hipster update within no time! Not affraid to show your romantic, softer side? Than our satin slip-ons, velvet slip-ons and slip-ons with plushe details are a real go. Our slip-ons with beading and pearls are super chic as well! Definitely a true match for our luxury lovers out there. 

Mighty mules and loafers


An other big upcoming trend are mules! These cute slides and heeled slides are definitely something else. Mules and loafers are super chic and a great classy summer alternative for sandals and heels. Mules let your heels breath, but cover your toes. So if you're not a big fan of your cute little toes, mules might be a great summer solution for you! 

Our INIFNITY, INSTANT AND SKYLLAR are mules with a heel, or mid high heel. Perfect to wear to work with a classy jumpsuit, midi/ maxi skirt or a flowy pants. Want to wear mules in your free time, to hit the beach, go on a day date or wear to the beach? Then our JOEJOE mules/espadrilles are your kind of summer shoe! 

Besides that we can't forget the slipper-like mule trend we spotted at the runways! Loafers are on fire! We spotted a lot of leather loafers, loafers with embroidery, loafers with fur details and loafers with buckle details on it. You can find one in any colour you like! Mules and loafers are definitely shoe trends we're going to see for a while. 

Sky high with platforms and lace-ups


This summer you can definitely show off those legs! Presented in platform heels or embellished with laces your legs will draw a lot of attention this summer! We're a huge fan of platform heels, because they give us the height we're looking for without torturing our feet! Our new arrivals GONZO is a pretty example of a classy platform heel you can wear to every club night this summer. 

Our wedge sandals are perfect for romantic summer dinners, summer weddings and beach party's! They look super great with summer dresses, playsuits and shorts. Our HALIFAXX, LEIGHTON and ELICIT are definitely must have summer wedges! 

Are you really proud of those great legs of yours? Show them off with our lace-up sandals! Our CHRISTEY lace-ups are the perfect classy, playful shoes you're looking for this summer! Looking for flat sandals with lace-up details? We'll have your back too! Our KAPRI and ORVA are examples of these cute flat lace-up sandals. So with lace-ups you're definitely in the win for this summer!

See through satisfaction


We're pretty sure you spotted the see through shoe trend al ready. These cool 'plastic' shoes are a trend we can't ignore! And to be honest, we kind off love this trend actually! You can create a super cool look within seconds with our CLEARER sandals. The see through shoes are suprisingly wearable, since you can style them with several outfits. Pair the transparant shoes with a cool pair of jeans or a dress and you're ready to party! How do you feel about the see through shoe trend? 

Chic spa slides


Slides for president! We're absolutely mad about this cool summer shoe style! We mean, how comfy are slippers? And now they're considered to be cool as well! With embroidered slides, fluffy slides and pretty suède slides you can't go wrong this season. Wear your cool slippers to the beach, during a shopping trip or .. whenever you like! Don't be ashamed to embrace your comfort-loving self! This summer you'll be both comfortable and chic in our Steve Madden slides! 

Luxury fabrics: satin and velvet for the win!


Satin seems to be a big winner for upcoming seasons. We're bringing you satin slip-ons, satin sneakers, satin sandals and satin heels. The luxury vibe of satin, together with it's sleek bold look makes it the perfect fashion combo! We love to pair our satin shoes with a cool rocky outfit, to create a suprisingly cool contrast. 

Whites, pretty pastels and rusty colours


Of course we need to talk about the colour palette of the upcoming season as well. We''ll be seeing a lot of whites, alternated with pretty pastels and cool rusty colours. Think pink this season and rock those blue coloured shoes! White is definitely a colour we'll be seeing a lot of during the fall and winter as well. So be prepared and embrace your whites this summer! Besides that we're still voting for black during the summer as well. Because, let's face it: black is always a great idea. 


So you're hooked up on for the summer! If you treat yourself on a pair of cool Steve Madden's, you can't go wrong this season! Which trend do you love the most? We can't decide whether to go for flats or heels. Oh well, let's go for both of them ;). What about you?