Six bloggers, six Secret Steve Madden locations. Our German blogger had her suprise citytrip in Copenhagen. A perfect city for everyone who loves authentic architecture and good food. Xenia tells you what her ultimate hotspots are and gives us an outfit recap of this exciting trip.

Xenia: "I am from Hamburg, Germany, which is super close to Copenhagen. I’ve never been too interested in going there, because I knew it’s similar to Hamburg and I usually prefer places that are further away. Little did I know about Copenhagen!"


Lunch tips and shopping sprees

As soon as I arrived I was astonished about the uniqueness and beauty this city had to offer. So many cute buildings, so much water, lovely streets and interesting people. Yes it is similar to Hamburg – but way more beautiful and bigger!

After these few days I fell so much in love with Copenhagen that I now call it one of my favorite cities in Europe. It offers a great standard of living. I mostly loved the food places such as Union Kitchen, Café Norden or Un Mercato. It is a little pricy, but it’s totally worth the taste! The shopping is great too, it’s no secret Scandinavians have an amazing sense of style and taste. My favorite discovery was a little store called Rude – it has a mix of athletic leisure and vintage clothes, you have to check it out! 


Photo spots and churros

What’s also really charming are the colorful houses in Copenhagen , especially in Nyhavn, which might be my favorite area in the city. You can eat the most amazing churros or enjoy lunch right by the water or do some window- or actual shopping in the neighbor streets. It looks like a movie set! Also perfect location for photo-addicted people like me ;) There are tons of nice photo spot and I also discovered a complete pink building which is a cinema called Palads Teatret.


City trip-proof sneakers

Copenhagen’s centre, where most is happening, is small enough to reach everything by foot. I explored the city with my beloved Steve Madden Star sneaker with plateau that do not only look super stylish but make a little shorty like me a few inches taller. I would take sneakers over heels anytime. If you’ve never been to Copenhagen you should definitely plan a trip – but I would recommend the warmer seasons ;)


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