Why be moody if you can shake your bootie? From statement high heel booties, to tough biker boots, casual ankle booties and overknees, Steve Madden boots are here to shake-up your looks! We're here to show you our boots and booties are wearable through-out the whole day, to every occasion. Continue reading and shake that bootie!

Casual everyday boots

The right type of casual never gets old. Whether your college days ask for casual wear or you're having a day-off, a casual comfy outfit always does the trick. And be honest, what is an outfit without a great pair of shoes? Let us hook you up with the best casual booties, with an edgy touch. From tough biker boots to flat western inspired booties and street smart ankle boots, our styles will sure make your casual looks stand out! 


Work boots

Being the independent woman you are you know that the right outfit can be the way to success. So let's talk about the right type of shoes to go with that outfit for a second.. Still thinking that only a pair of classic pumps are right for the office? Well honey, think again! If you'd like to stand out from the crowd, you should definitely think about wearing a pair of classic heeled booties to work for once. Our suede or leather heeled booties are perfect to pair with a classy pencil skirt and shirt. Not sure if those are the right office shoes for you? Go with a pair of high heel boots or overknees. Just as classy and chic as a pair of heels if you ask us! 


Out for dinner - the right booties to wear

Getting ready for a work related event or going out for dinner? Let your heels be for once and go with a sassy pair of booties or boots. Our statement booties with embroidery or flamming hot red booties will make your outfit pop! More the conservative type? No worries, a great pair of heeled overknees wil llook gorgeous as well! So decide to what type of restaurant or event you're going and let your shoes to the talking! 


Party booties

It's weekend, time to find the nearest bar or club! Get party ready with our rhinestone boots or booties, or make a red hot fashion statement with our red overknees. Want to be really on top of your fashion game this weekend? Then you should definitely go for a pair of lace-up booties, mesh booties or a transparant style. Pair with your favorite dress or a sexy lurex pants and top and you're more than ready for a weekend full of dancing, drinks and parties. 


 And, convinced yet that you should invest in at least one pair of great ankle booties and overknees? Take a look at our great collection of boots and booties and pick your favorite. Which style are you in the mood for?