Mules & loafers

This is not the first time that we’re talking about our love for mules and loafers. We can’t get enough of how trendy, comfortable and at the same time chic these easy slip-ons are. To highlight these trendy shoe style during fall, we would like to give you some style inspiration!

Mules, casual and comfy

We love the chicness of a classic mule or loafer. In combination with a casual and comfy outfit, it makes our fashion hearts beat a little faster. Wear a classic mule or loafer with a cool jeans to create a beautiful everyday look. Want to keep your feet warm? Go for our loafers and mules with faux fur, like KERRY-F or KRANE.

So how to complete your casual and comfy mules look? Just go for your favourite jeans and add a basic or striped top or a cashmere sweater to get the Parisian look.


Heeled mules

Still loving heels more? Or do you want to look a little taller? Than our heeled mules are the perfect option for you. Pair your heeled mules with a jeans, pants or midi skirt, you’ll create a trendy and fashionable look. 

Heeled Mules

Go chic with mules and loafers

We made it clear that we love mules and loafers with a casual outfit. But there also is another side of loafers and mules. You can create a super chic look with classic loafers, by wearing dressy trousers and a blazer, or a pencil skirt with a blouse. Matching suits are also trending, combine a pair of your favourite loafers with your matching suit to look classy.

Not looking for classic loafers and want to spice up your looks with a little extra? Go for our leopard loafers or loafers with studs to give a twist to your classic appearance. 

Chic Mules

Men’s loafers

Of course men can’t be left out in this one. This loafer trend also plays around in men’s world. You can wear loafers in a casual way, with a cool jeans or in a classic way, with a beautiful suit. For you men we’ve also got some inspiration to get you excited about these stylish shoes!

Men Loafers

It’s safe to say loafers and mules match with every outfit. We were more than happy to show you some outfit inspiration including mules and loafers. After reading this post, you definitely want a pair of mules or loafers right? What are you waiting for? Go shop your favourite pair of mules or loafers!

Image source: Pinterest