Like the queen herself once said: "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.." And that's exactly what we're planning on doing with our awesome wedding styles! From classic courts to statement dress sandals and glitter heels, we've got the goods to complete your wedding look! Whether you're a blushing bride to be or an exciting wedding guest, our wedding boutique is open for business and we couldn't be more excited! Can't decide on what shoes to go with yet, or are you looking for a pair of comfy but chic flats as a replacement for your wedding heels? Check out our wedding style overview now! 

Classic wedding shoes

Never underestimate the power of a pair of classic heels. Nude dress sandals, black pumps, or court heels, and white kitten heels, to name a few. We can totally see why you want to go with a pair of classic wedding shoes as a guest. It's not your wedding after all, so better invest in a pair of shoes you can wear to other occasions as well. 

Are you in fact the bride-to-be, then a pair of nude courts or dress sandals can definitely be the perfect wedding shoes for you. You don't want to draw attention away from your dress after all.. Our natural STECY sandals, blush CARRSON heels or DAISIE pumps will definitely suit your dress perfectly and they're super comfy. 

Don't want to walk in heels all day, or are you one of the lucky few who's gotten enough inches from mother nature? Then our classy kitten heels or low heel sandals are a great option for you! Our black, natural and light pink IRENEE are perfect classics you can try for your wedding shoe options. 


Statement wedding shoes

Want to take your wedding look to another, festive level? Well, you're at the right address here, baby! Let us hook you up with a little glitter, statement color or unconventional shape or style. Trust us, anyone can pull of our statement styles at a wedding. 

Glitter heels

Let's take a moment to talk about our bedazzled dress sandals and courts. The perfect wedding shoes to make a statement at your wedding are glitter heels, rhinestone heels and metallic heels. Nothing screams glamour more than a pair of killer glitter heels, right? Pair our strappy glitter sandals with your figure hugging wedding dress, or ballroom gown, if you're the lucky bride, or be the best dressed wedding guest by pairing your metallic dress sandals or rhinestone shoes with a classy jumpsuit or A-line dress or skirt. 

Really want to go all out at a wedding? Well, you're in luck because our styles with coloured diamond shaped stones, jewels and pearls are on fire! Anything with pearls is always a great idea for a wedding and with shoes with colourful stones you'll bring you own (shoe) party! 

Statement color heels

Aren't really into rhinestones and glitter, but still want to make a statement at a wedding, or your wedding, for that matter? Than think about some statement colored heels for a second. How great would look a pair of fire red heels or dress sandals, sweet lavender sandals or pink dress sandals with your wedding outfit? 

How gorgeous will a pair of hot pink heels or lavender dress sandals look under your dress? We admit, the brighter colors are maybe a bit more for the wedding guests, but hey - it's your party and you can wear what you want to. As a wedding guest you can perfectly go with a pair of red courts, pink pumps or pastel heels. Pair them with a fun dress and yoiu have yourself a wedding look. 

Statement wedding shoe style

If you want to go with a really different, striking wedding look, you should definitely take our different shapes into consideration. Our see-through transparant styles, for example, will look gorgeous under you wedding dress and will make sure to add just a little sexy drama to your wedding look. Besides that you can go with classy heeled mules if you're looking for another style of wedding shoes. 

Are you a guest at the wedding party? Then take a look at our gorgeous rhinestone ankle boots, WIFEY. We're positive they will make your wedding guest look complete. 


Flat wedding shoes

All fun and games, attending a wedding and standing on your feet (alsmot) the whole day, but what about your feet? Those poor little things need to endure this all day, and night. Better safe than sorry, so make sure to always bring a spare pair of wedding flats, or low heeled shoes with you. And trust us, with our classy flats you'll still be totally wedding appropriate. 

Low heeled wedding shoes

Let's start off with low heel wedding shoes or sandals. If you ask us the perfect option for a wedding, whether they are your extra pair of wedding shoes or your 'regular' ones. Low heeled sandals are classy, elegant and super comfy. And let's be honest, these are the things you're looking for when picking the right wedding shoes. Our IRENEE and INDIGO  are the perfect low wedding heels. Which color are you going to wear? 

Flat wedding sandals

Tired of your high heel sandals or courts, but still want to look as glamorous as possible? Then switch those wedding heels for a pair of fancy flat sandals. Our flat sandals with rhinestones, flat sandals with colourful diamonds or flat sandals with a pastel coloured fluffy pompom on it are both elegant as comfy and therefore a must-have wedding shoe! So give your feet a break and dance the night away in our festive, chic flat sandals

Wedding mules

The number one shoe trend of the moment, mules, are also completely suitable for a wedding. Wear the classy mules, or loafers, under a chic jumpsuit or knee-length dress and create both fashionable and chic looks. Our mules with rhinestones, mules with pearls and gold mules are perfect wedding flats. So make sure to take a look at our mules collection as well when you're looking for flat wedding shoes or a spare pair of wedding flats


It's unnecessary to say that shoes can make or break your wedding look. We totally understand if you want to play it safe at your own wedding and keep it classy with classic dress sandals and neutral coloured courts. Are you a true diva, than you should definitely not hold back when it comes to wedding heels! Our glitter heels, rhinestone styles and metallic dress sandals are the perfect show stoppers and will look gorgeous under your dress! At the end of the day you want to give your feet a break, so make sure to always bring a pair of wedding flats as a spare pair. Whether you're a wedding guest or the bride-to-be, you'll find the perfect wedding shoes at our Steve Madden wedding boutique! 


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