Pack your things baby, we're going on a trip! Besides all the pre-fun of picking out the best hotel, find the cutest restaurants and the must-see hot spots, we have to think about the more practical parts of trips as well. Enter packing.. Packing for a city-trip, or short vacation, doesn't have to be that hard! Just try to keep in mind what your days are going to look like, and what kind of outfits you might need for this. Not sure you will manage to fit all of your outfit options into one (small) suitcase? Don't worry, we're here to help you out. Find out the best tips and tricks for packing for a city-trip, weekend get-a-way, or short vacation now! 

Start with the basics

This might sound as an unnecessary thing to say, but always start with the basics! How many days you're going on a trip determines how much outfits you'll be needing. Besides that the weather will play a huge part in putting together your outfit and choosing the right items for this. Don't forget either that different types of activities ask for different kind of outfits. A party-night, or chic dinner asks for a total different look than the outfit you'll be wearing during shight seeing or at a day full of shopping. 

Comfort or fashion? 

The big question that you'll need to ask yourself while putting together outfits for your trip is the main purpose of the outfit. Are you going with comfort or fashion? Is the occasion dressed or casual? Besides that it's helpful to keep other aspects in consideration. For example: how long are you going to be in that outfit? This will help you to decide the most important aspect of the look, or in other words: does your outfit needs to be comfortable or is it more important to look super chic, glamorous or fashionable? 

A party-night asks for different priorities in an outfit than a busy day of sightseeing, or shopping. And we totally can imagine doing both during a city trip. It's not always necessary to pack several completely different outfits when you're going on a trip for a few days. Not to mention the space this will take up in your luggage. This brings us to the next tip, or trick, for packing your bags for a short trip. 

Try to work with multi-functional items

This might be the best tip out there for packing light and functional! Try to pack items you can wear with several looks. For example jeans, or other bottoms, can be worn with a basic T-shirt for a casual day-time look. Wear them with a blouse or sexy top for a rockin' night, or partylook. The same goes for a skirt as well. A jumpsuit is a classic example of an item you can wear to several occasions. Style your jumpsuit or playsuit with sneakers or flats for a comfy-chic daylook, and style them with killer heels and accessories to create nigh-time looks that are on fire. Some type of dresses will have this same effect. The trick really is in the use of accessories. Style the items with a statement belt, big earrings and a cute purse to turn you casual daylook into a killer party-outfit, or down-grade a dress by wearing it with a casual shopper and no other accessories. In this way you can use just a few items to create several looks! Sounds pretty great right? 

Do you own a pair of white trainers? Perfect! These go well with almost everything! Wear them during the day with jeans and a top, during the night with a dress and during hotter days with shorts. The same goes for a pair of flat sandals or flatforms. Summer sandals or flatforms are super comfy and stylish for sightseeing, but matched with a flowy dress or maxi-dress they can be perfect for the night as well.

And have you checked out the hottest shoe-trend of the moment, loafers and mules yet? Talking about a versatile fashion-item.. Mules and loafers have both a chic as casual vibe to them, which makes them perfect for pairing them wiht several looks. Wear a pair of classic loafers or statement mules with jeans and a top for a casual Parisien-chic look and stroll around town casually, or wear your loafers with a dress or skirt for a somewhat chic ensemble. 


Layers, layers, layers

Another convenient tip is to go for layers while you're packing for a trip! You can easily wear the same jacket, blazer or cardigan with different tops underneath them. In this way you will create a different look, with almost the same items. Besides that it's very convenient to keep in mind that the weather can chance, depending on the location of your trip of course. 

We hope to have give you a hand with these tips & tricks for packing your bags for a city-trip or weekend getaway. The key to bringing the right things with you on a trip and pack as light as possible? Bring multifunctional items you can combine with different looks, like sneakers, cute sandals  and trendy mules and loafers. A jacket or blazer also can create several looks when combined with different bottoms and tops. We can't wait to pack our bags for our next trip and we're definitely bringing our sneakers, sandals, flatforms and mules with us!

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