How to: Style Your Denim

We're definitely jeans girls. Can't live without our favourite pair of jeans. Can't imagine our closets without a piece of denim in it. But somehow denim is known to be very casual and sometimes even a bit boring. If this is your opinion as well, you couldn't be more wrong. And we're here to prove it! Jeans are cool, jeans jackets are the bomb and with jeans shorts you'll have the perfect festival outfit in a second. Vote for denim. All day, errrday. Now yo're dying to know how to make your jeans look as cool, chique or edgy as possible, aren't you? 

Denim with booties


 Denim and booties are a perfect combination. Roll up those cool mom jeans or wear a cool cropped jeans and wear them with pretty heeled booties or casual flat booties as chelsea boots or though combat boots. To create a perfect mix between casual, edgy and class you should really combine different styles in one outfit. For example wear an edgy mom jeans with a relaxed fit and tapered legs with a classy wrap blouse or cashmier sweater and a pair of classy heeled booties for a perfect combo. Seeking a more casual outfit? Than you should pair of flat booties, or low heeled booties, with a skinny jeans and oversized top. A rock-chic ensemble is simply created with a pair of studdes booties, biker boots or cool patent booties, a ripped jeans a graphic tee and a leather jacket or jeans jacket. Thinking about these looks, we can't control ourselves to fill up our shopping cards asap! What about you? 

Denim with boots


 Jeans and high boots or overknees are a tricky combination. The line between classy and trashy is sometimes hard to find with this combo. So we fully accept the challenge of making a jeans outfit look super cool paired with boots. Why not go all the way with this opiton? Patent boots are the next big thing and perfect for creating an edgy rock inspired outfit and these boots will look perfect paired with an oversized jeans jacket.  The key to a successful outfit containing overknees and denim is to make it look effortlessly chic and cool. Our favourite option is to pair an oversized jeans jacket with cool overknees, a cool casual skirt and oversized top. Try not to combine your boots or overknee boots with figure hugging items, but keep it casual. 

Denim with pumps


Perhaps not the first combination you think of, but boy how we love this mix between classy, casual and edgy. First thing that comes in mind when thinking of a pair of heels usually is a dress or classy jumpsuit. Think again! Pumps actually work very well together with a pair of jeans. A perfect combination to wear to work, casual date or night out. How would you pair a pair of heels with a denim outfit? 

Denim with dress sandals


Blog_howto_styleyourdenim Stecy

A couple of years ago we couldn't think of heels and denim as the perfect combination. Boy we're wrong! We're totally feeling this cool mix between classy and casual. But again, it's all in the way you pair these two styles. Get yourself a cool pair of mom jeans, girlfriend jeans or boyfriend jeans, roll that baby up and wear them together with your favourite pair of classic dress sandals. Our favourite pairs of heeled sanals are the STECY, CARRSON and SLIHTUR. Wear our classic heeled sandals with a cool pair of loos jeans and a classy blouse or sweater to create a cool office look. Looking for a more casual look including dress sandals? Pairing them with a pair of ripped jeans, a leather jacket and oversized top will do the trick! Our high heeled sandals will look great with a cool jeans jackets with embroidery or patches as well! Many options for many great looks! We can't wait to try them out!

Denim with summer sandals

We're totally saying yes to denim during the summer! You can create a stunning summer look including denim shorts, a cool denim jacket or ripped jeans. For example; if you combine a pair of loose ripped jeans with a cool flowy top and a pair of summer sandals or slippers, you have the perfect after-beach, festival or park look. Our ultimate favourite summer emsemble consists of jeans shorts, a flowy top and embellished summer sandals, slides or espadrilles. A cool oversized denim shirt works well with a pair of casual flat sandals or platform sandals as well. Trying to bring denim skirts back to your wardrobe? A front buttoned denim skirt will look super cool paired with your favourite oversized rock tee and cage sandals or glamorous slides. 




 Denim with party shoes

Why not wear denim while clubbing? Perhaps not the first item you think of when picking out your party outfit, but definitely something to give a second look. With a cool ripped jeans, high heels or glitter sandals, you will create a party worthy outfit! So if you're more the edgy or cool type of girl, why choose a pretty  dress when you can look totally rock-chic with a denim look? Including a pair of high heels, platform heels, metallic heels or glitter heels you will look like a million bucks either way! Ready to give denim or jeans a try on party nights? 


Denim with sneakers

Never change a winning team! That's exactly the reason why will still fall for a goold old jeans and sneaker combination. These two are super wearable and above all very very comfy. A denim and sneaker combinaton definitely shouldn't have to be boring. Especially with the wide option in jeans we have nowadays. A cool jeans with embroidery or patches will look great with a pair of casual sneakers. With ripped jeans, cool fishnet tights and a pair of metallic sneakers or velvet sneakers you will instantly create a super fashionable casual look. A pair of jeans worn with a pair of cool slip ons sure will be a winning team also. How great would our cool satin slip ons GOALS-S, suede slip ons GILLS or fluffy slip ons BRYANNE will look under a pair of jeans or styled with a cool denim jacket? Whether you're choosing platform sneakers, velvet sneakers, metallic sneakers or sparkly sneakers as your favourite, you can't go wrong when pairing them with some great jeans! 



One thing is clear jeans are anything but boring. We mean, just look at the variety of denim pieces you personally own. Paired with a pair of heels you'll create a suprisingly classy and sexy outfit including jeans, more the casual type? Than you should create a denim look with a pair of cool sneakers, such as a pair of velvet or metallic sneakers or slip ons. Want to go for a cool rock-inspired outfit? Wear your ripped jeans with cool velvet booties, studded booties or patent booties for a great edgy look. Are you a true denim girl as well?