Steve Madden Statement Slides

If all the cool girls are wearing them, you know you must get your hands on a pair of statement slides or retro sandals. And let's be honest, what's not to love? They're super comfy, you can slip right into them and they're definitely the must have summer shoe of the moment! From statement pool slides with quotes to retro classic sandals and girly sliders - we've heading in direction  poolside this summer! 

Statement pool slides

Statement pool slides
  • Slinky Sandal BLACK
  • Grayson Sandal RHINESTONE
  • Grayson Sandal COGNAC LEATHER
  • Slated Sandal BLACK
  • Grayson Sandal SNAKE

If we're being honest with you, we can definitely count pool slides in as a part of the 'ugly' shoe trend. But hey, what's not to love? They have that no-nonsense coolness we're looking for nowadays, they go great with all of over casual summer outfits and we can stay comfy all day without comprimising our fashion sense. So just lets say that we've got ourselves a winner here! 

Are you willing to make a true fashion statement this summer? Than our graphic statement pool slides with cool lettering might be the ones for you. Go check out our WORD sliders. We assure you'll make a fashion statement without even trying to make one. So say it with our graphic pool slides!

Not a big fan of graphic fashion items, but still want to make a glamorous, big fashion statement? Let us hook you up with our sliders with studs, sequins, rhinestones pearls and diamonds. The more the merrier and this definitely goes for our statement slides. Create the perfect outfit with slides by pairing them with loose fitted mom jeans and a basic tee, or of course with your favourite casual beach look. 

Our SOFTEY-S and SOFTEY-R are here for our true glitter loving fashion lovers and will definitely glam-up all of your daily looks. Thought diamonds were a girls best friend? Try comfy slides with pearls and diamonds! The SANDY is guaranteed to be your new bff this summer. 

Steve Madden Statement Pool Slides

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Classic sandals

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More the laidback type? No worries, we've got plenty of sandals available to match your low-key vibe.  Known for the double wide straps and the comfy footbed this classic sandal still is indispensable to your summer wardrobe. We love this iconic silhouette so much, we still can't get enough of it.

Take a look at our all-black BUBBLES sandal, or our 'classic with a twist' flat sandal BRUNO. We can definitely see ourselves wearing them everyday this summer. 

Loving the classic low-key vibe of the two-strapped sandal, but are you in need of a bit more glam? Of course we have the right type of casual sandal for you as well! The buckles on the NORA  sandal are embellished with pearls and we couldn't love it more! Just picture how cute they will look under your favourite flowy summer dress or jumpsuit!
We love ourselves some bling, so imagine how we reacted when we first saw the VIVID! This patent sandal with studded details is a true summer stud and will definitely fire-up those summer looks! 

Steve Madden Sandals

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Girly slippers and sliders

This is for the feminine ladies out  there, who want to look classy without comprimising in comfort. Just a simple slider is enough to complete your summer outfits. Take our GRACE  sandal for example. The simplistic design and mono-tone palette really make this a go-to sandal. 

In need of a bit 'extra' to satisfy your summer shoe needs, but still want to keep it low-key? Than our LISA-M slides with tiny studs and a chic, simplistic strap design will be your new favourite. By the LISA  sandals in your favourite design, style them with simple bottoms or a maxi and you're good to go.

Another level up you'll find our girly slides soaked in design elements and accessories. Are you more the type for an oversized bow, sandals with lots of studs, pearls and diamonds, or does fluff makes your fashion heart skip a beat? The cool LASHES  slide is on top of our list, as well as the girly slipper TRUESDALE

Steve Madden Sliders

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It's safe to say that our statement pool slides aren't just for the poolside, our classic summer sandals are not only comfortable, but are indinspensable when it comes to creating laidback summer looks and our girly sliders and feminine sandals will look both gorgeous paired with a dress or jeans look. Are you more the type for simplistic summer slides and sandals, or are you down with the 'more is more' trend? Whatever rows your stylish boat, we've got the sliders statement pool slides and girly sandals for you!