Let's get down to the essentials. You know we love our daily dose of fashon it-trends and trendy street looks, but there's definitely nothing wrong with some classics. Our beloved never out of style classics deserve to be in the spotlight now and then. And luckily for them, they come in handy all the time. So here's to our never out of style sandals, our classic heels and go-to flats! 

Classic heels

Steve Madden Classic Heels

Let's start off with the obvious here: a pair of classic heels. Pumps, court heels, or however you want to call them, are absolutely indispensable to your wardrobe. With a pair of pretty heels you can't go wrong. Luckily for you this is exacty what Steve Madden excels at. From statement platform heels to classic pumps, we got you!

So let's discuss the never out of style pumps for a minute. You definitely can not deny the power of a good pair of classic, always right pumps. Whether you're more the classic type or a bit more edgy, every woman should own a pair of black heels. They look great under your work suits, will go perfectly together with occasional wear and they will even lift up your posture and spirit on casual days. What more could you ask for in shoes?

Are you just as enthusiastic about our black heels as we are? Great, then you're more than ready for the next step: a pair of nude heels. We will just start-off by stating the obvious: blush heels, or nude coloured ones will make your legs optical longer. And who wouldn't want that? We absolutely love the classic, but feminine and sweet look a pair of nude court heels or natural sandals bring to your outfits. Go for a classic ensemble by pairing your favourite patent nude heels with a pencil skirt and classy blouse, or upgrade your tough jeans look with leather nude sandals. Looking for the perfect pair of heels to complete your summer attire? No worries, a pair of natural coloured sandals will look amazing under a flowy maxi. So, more than enough chances to wear your favourite nude heels or sandals.

Sandals that never go out of style

Now let's move over to sandals. Whether you're more a fan of flat sandals, wedges, espadrilles or dress sandals, there are a lot of options when it comes to sandals that will never go out of style. So let's discuss this versatile type of shoes. 

Steve Madden Basic Flat Sandals

For example a pair of simplistic, but always right flat leather sandals. Our preference surely goes out to the simple two straps silhouette - with one ankle strap and a band across vamp. No matter what summer outfit you're wearing, flat sandals or classy slides will look good with it.

Espadrilles or wedge sandals might be a bit more tricky, or not quite as classic as dress sandals, but hey, on summer days you should definitely be able to find a pair of wedges, platform sandals or espadrilles in your shoe closet. We definitely always have a pair of comfy slides and sabbots, or a fun cork sole standing in our closets.

Steve Madden Carrson

And of course we're not forgetting about our favourites: chique dress sandals or sexy party heels. Of course we need to take a moment to honor our classic CARRSON  sandals. Available in several colours and materials, but always right. If you're a Steve Madden fan, you definitely need a pair of CARRSON  heels in your closet!

Metallic Heels

We are aware of the fact that metallic heels or shiny sandals aren't directly the most classic ones, but where wouldn't we be without the perfect heels for a party, or glamorous social event? We always have the prettiest metallic sandals, glitter sandals or shiny strappy sandals available to complement your evening wear. Our all-time-favourites are metallic strappy sandals with rhinestones. So so pretty and totally right for party looks. 

Flats and sneakers that are always right

Steve Madden Flats

Okay, let's be honest for a second, even we don't want to walk in heel every day.. But when we decide to give our feet a break, we of course do this as stylish and fashionable as possible. Lucky for us trainers are extremely on-trend! So don't mind us pairing our favourite white sneakers, which will never go out of style, with both flowy summer wear as jeans looks. 

Besides sneakers a pair of classy mules, loafers or espadrilles are always go-to styles as well. We can't live without our black leather mules or loafers  to the beach we're definitely wearing our favourite espadrilles  and we can't go to the pool without our favourite pool slides or fancy slides. You get our point right? Every activity asks for a different pair of flats, so there's no such thing as only one pair of perfect flats. 

So, to sum this all up, we have quite a few essentials to expand your shoe collection with. The ones that can not be missed in your closet? A pair of black and/or nude pumps, shiny dress sandals for a party, classic flat sandals, a pair of mules or loafers and basic sneakers. We can all make that work, right?