The snake is back at it again and is conquering the world! This print is becoming just as popular as the leopard print. You can be team Snake or team Leopard now, or be both. Everywhere you see anacondas crawling around in the cities, right? How many did you spot already? We will tell you how to wear snake print.



Keep the focus on the snake, they need to shine. Khaki and neutral colors match perfect with snake print and create the best looks. Just keep it the rest of the outfit simple when wearing snake printed shoes. Let your shoes steal the show. A little snake bite won't hurt, right?









An oversized white sweater, black skinny jeans and snake printed ankle boot is the perfect combination. For extra details are studs the best to finish the look. Our Preston is just the perfect ankle boot to create this look.


Still tending to combine more prints with snake? Try to match the snake prints with just one extra print, like the band-shirts. This look will give you the realest rock-chick vibes. Try the Carrson or the Chelsea to re-create this look. These sandals suit the best with snake printed flares like this.

It’s all in the details

Just want to keep it on a ‘less is more’ level? Snake prints are perfect for that. Who said that it always has to be so dramatic? Sometimes subtle combinations show more than a thousand snakes together. One fashion item in snake print is already enough when the combination is on point. Fleeky babe, you are! Belt bags are super trendy lately. Our Bmacy is the perfect bag you need in your wardrobe. More a fan of shoulder bags? The Bteenie has the right size for the festival season and shopping days. You can never have enough bags!


Be the black snake

Snakes come in various species and various colors. We can’t shut them out! Bright snakes are for the babes who dare to stand out. Don’t listen to others and just be a colored snake. This is the perfect way to have both of the best trends: neon and snake. The game is on!