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Steve Madden combat boots

The toughest shoes in our collection are definitely our combat boots. These fashionable lace-up ankle boots are inspired by the boots worn by our soldiers. Soldiers wore these shoes all the time so they are very tough. The combat boots are mostly designed with studs, laces and a round nose. You can wear them with your favourite jeans and oversized sweater to create that cool urban look.

Stylish Steve Madden combat boots

Rock up your look with a pair of Steve Madden combat boots. Studs will always give you that unique touch. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing heels with studs or sandals with studs you’ll always look a little more rebellious. If you are wearing combat boots with studs you will make a statement. They are a real must-have ankle boot and they come in different colours. So there is always a combat boot to style with every outfit.

Comfortable Steve Madden combat boots

To convince you even further... These combat boots are very comfy. Thanks to the great fitting and well-formed sole you never want to take these shoes off. And because of the laces, you can decide for yourself whether you want to wear them a little loose or tight. That way you can choose which look you want to give your outfit.

Not convinced? Take a look at our ankle boots.

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